The Basics of Learning

When it comes time to get a new vehicle, you can choose to purchase the car, truck or SUV, or you can lease it. Before deciding whether to buy or lease your next vehicle, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of leasing and its advantages.

Differences between buying and leasing

When you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, you typically take out a loan to pay for the vehicle. You then become the owner of the vehicle, and you can customize it and drive it for as long as you wish. When you lease a vehicle, you only pay for the amount of depreciation that occurs over the course of your lease term. You don’t own the vehicle, so there are limitations on what you can do with the vehicle. You may have a mileage limit and may not be able to customize the vehicle.

Benefits of leasing

There are many advantages to leasing a vehicle. For starters, leasing a vehicle means that it’s easier to stay up to date with the latest vehicle technologies. Lease terms tend to only last for a few years, so at the end of your lease, you can select a newer model to lease with newer technologies. Plus, if you don’t want to return your vehicle at the end of your lease, you can instead decide to purchase it.

Furthermore, you’ll find that monthly payments for a lease are usually lower than monthly payments for a loan. Your vehicle may also have warranty coverage throughout the entirety of your lease, which means you won’t have to worry about paying for many repairs. You may not even need to pay a down payment to lease. Zero-down leases are often available so you can get behind the wheel of your vehicle without worrying about a hefty down payment.

If you’d like to learn more about your leasing and financing options, call us at Kunes Nissan to speak with our knowledgeable staff.

Turning in a Lease to Tilton Jax

If you’re a first-time lessee nearing the end of your lease contract, you might be wondering exactly how the turn-in process works. To ensure you know what to expect, the experts at Kunes Nissan have put together a few tips for returning your leased vehicle.

Prepare for your inspection

Before relinquishing your leased Nissan vehicle to Kunes Nissan, your vehicle needs to undergo an inspection. To present your vehicle in the best possible light, it’s a good idea to consider detailing or at least cleaning your vehicle prior to the inspection. Additionally, make sure to grab any personal belongings you’ve stored in the vehicle that you don’t want to lose.

Once your vehicle is clean and tidy, check your car inside and out for any remaining wear and tear, like cracks in the windows, fabric tears and scratches on the exterior. You can either pay for these repairs on your own or pay the manufacturer’s charge after the inspection.

Return your vehicle

After your vehicle has been inspected, give Kunes Nissan a call to schedule an appointment for returning your leased vehicle. Even if you originally picked your vehicle from a different Nissan dealership, you may be able to return it at Kunes Nissan. When you come in, make sure you bring in your keys, floor mats and any other components you received when you first began leasing the vehicle.

Prepare for your inspection

Once you’ve turned in your leased vehicle, you can work with one of the experienced sales staff members at Kunes Nissan to find your next vehicle. The process of returning your old vehicle and finding a new one to purchase or lease is a simple and easy one. Plus, by completing this process at just one dealership, you can save time and avoid the stress of going between multiple dealerships.

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